欢迎来到葡京平台线上! Fullerton College is a thriving place of learning and enrichment that extends well beyond the classroom and into the community. 学院积极为教育事业做出贡献, cultural, 社会和经济力量塑造了北奥兰治县及其他地区. 继续往下读,了解更多!

Economic Impact

成立于1913年, Fullerton College is an educational and economic powerhouse in North Orange County and is among the largest and oldest community colleges in the state of California. The value of Fullerton College influences both the lives of students and the county economy. Fullerton College promotes economic growth in Orange County in a variety of ways. 学院既是雇主,也是商品和服务的购买者, 学生的生活费用也有利于当地的企业. In addition, Fullerton College is a primary source of education to Orange County residents and a supplier of trained workers to county industries.

The overall impact of Fullerton College on the local business community during the analysis year 2016-2017 amounted to $793.600万的额外收入, 等于运营支出影响的总和, 学生支出的影响, 以及校友的影响.




Graph detailing Fullerton College return on investment to students, taxpayers, and society




在接下来的20年里, Fullerton College will roll out comprehensive construction and renovation projects thanks to Measure J, 2014年11月选举中选民批准的债券. The initial priority projects include a parking structure; a Lab School (childcare center) and a horticulture building.

其他计划包括, a Welcome Center, 哪个将容纳学生/退伍军人服务, 一座教学楼, a performing arts center and final renovations to the classroom buildings that were not included in the previous bond, Measure X. Formally called the Fullerton/Cypress Colleges Repair and Student/Veteran Job Training Measure, 措施J为设施改善创造了5.74亿美元, upgrades, and repairs at 北橙县社区学院区 schools which also include Cypress College and the School of Continuing Education.


The college offers a vibrant lineup of arts and cultural events that are open to the surrounding community as well as plant sales and athletic competitions. 许多活动都是免费的,适合全家人参加. 访问葡京平台线上葡京平台线上了解当前事件的详细信息 news.putshki.com.



20多年了, 这所学院吸引了超过100名学生,每年秋天都会有1000名游客前来参加一年一度的亡灵节. 亡灵节 is a Mexican holiday devoted to celebrating and remembering those who have passed. 该活动以dj为特色, Aztec dancers, 民俗舞蹈团, food, 还有许多手工制作的窗帘. 欣赏这些2017年电影节的照片吧.


Art Gallery

Visit the renowned Fullerton College Art Gallery in Building 1000 for the best in established and up-and-coming artists from around the world and around the corner. The Artist in Residence program attracts acclaimed artists each year and pieces from the college’s extensive private collection often rotate through the exhibitions. 访问画廊的网站.



每年,学院都会与阿纳海姆天使会合作举办一个团体之夜. 收益将用于学生奖学金和学院的食品银行. 欣赏这些来自天使体育场202 FC之夜的照片.

一群学生和工作人员在Love Fullerton工作

Love Fullerton

Each spring, Fullerton College welcomes thousands of people to campus for the Love Fullerton volunteer appreciation barbeque. 一年一度的服务日已经扩大到包括布埃纳公园的城市, Brea, Orange, Placentia, 拉哈布拉和阿纳海姆. 请看Facebook上2018年的照片.



葡京平台线上美术部门提供 众多的现场音乐和戏剧表演 全年.



The 法国电影节 occurs each spring and has proven to be a great opportunity for students and community members to immerse themselves in French cinema. Visit the 法国电影节的网页 to learn more.



The Horticulture Department hosts sales each year to provide gardeners with plants, herbs, 和蔬菜,以及为富勒顿酒店举办的活动, Orange County Master Gardeners and the California Landscape Contractors Association. 参观园艺系 to learn more.


Athletic Events

Numerous men’s and women’s athletic competitions are offered 全年 ranging from our national championship football team to our state championship women’s water polo team. Visit Athletics to learn more.



每年有超过23,000名学生就读葡京平台线上. Many of these students learn about the value of higher education and their potential at Fullerton College long before they fill out their college application. 像 安进生物技术阿纳海姆联盟教育承诺富勒顿合伙公司; 奥兰治县教师途径伙伴关系, 奥兰治县生物技术教育伙伴关系, 高中戏剧节, Jazz Festival and annual KinderCaminata 幼儿园活动, help the college instill the importance of higher education in students during their formative K-12 years.



葡京平台线上排名第一. 1 in transfers to the California State University system due to a strong culture focused on transfer success and proactive relationship building with numerous public and private universities. Please 请访问中转中心网站 看看转学协议对学生开放的广度.


Fullerton College is committed to partnering with numerous community organizations for the betterment of North Orange County and beyond. 伙伴机构包括:

  • 北奥兰治县商会
  • St. Jude医疗中心
  • 布雷亚商会
  • 富勒顿市
  • 爱你的富勒顿/OC联队
  • 阿纳海姆天使
  • 富勒顿合作

Disney Aspire

葡京平台线上是迪士尼Aspire网络的一部分. Disney Aspire is the Walt Disney Company’s education investment and career development program offers 100% tuition paid upfront for hourly employees.

有超过29个,500 hourly employees eligible to participate in Disney Aspire in the state of California, 成千上万的人已经注册. 由于这些新添加的东西, it’s anticipated that employees will also be able to attend select courses in person as well as online.




Fullerton College utilizes FCCareerConnect, a Career Management System powered by Symplicity. This system is designed to increase effective communication between students, faculty, and employers. Employers interested in hosting an intern from Fullerton College may learn more about posting a job on the 就业中心网站. For questions, please contact Jennifer Merchant in Fullerton College’s Career Center at 714.732.5542.


Please visit 资助和经济劳动力发展 去了解更多的机会. Additionally, the Graduate Student Mentorship Program (GSI) pairs graduate students up with faculty mentors in order to provide assistance to Fullerton College basic skills students. 有教师导师指导, the interns provide tutoring and course-specific workshops throughout the semester. In addition, this program offers the graduate students who may be interested in teaching in the community college valuable hands-on experience. Learn more on 基本技能网站.

Current Students

葡京平台线上邀请寻求实习机会的学生 参观职业和生活规划中心.

Facility Rentals

葡京平台线上的许多设施可供社区使用, 包括校园剧院, 威尔希尔礼堂, conference rooms, 教室等. Reservations must be made six business days in advance for internal campus events. 外部租金必须提前21个工作日提交. 租金是收费的,客户将被要求提供保险, 如果使用非营利性税率,请提供IRS 501(c)(3)信件的副本.




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